Getting Started in Karting

So you've been checking it out, and you're pretty sure that karting is something for you. Now what? Where do you go from here, and how to get there? In a general sense, this is a four step process. Of course we all have unique needs, so don't be surprised if your path looks a little different.


STEP 1 - Research
This is time to figure out the basic questions, and have them answered. We highly suggest stopping by the track for a visit on a race day or when there will be racers on-track practicing. Be sure to come in our on-site Pro Shop and introduce yourself. We'll ask some questions and help you find areas that suit you. There is no better way to get a feel for the sport than trackside.
STEP 2 - Drive a Rental Kart
Drive our Rental Racers, giving you some experience on our track with real performance equipment. These karts are high performance racers, and very similar to the lower horsepower classes that we offer. Drive a session or two, or bring a whole group out to try it with you! This will give you a deeper understanding of what the sport is about. We also run League Racing on most Friday nights. These events will give you experience running a real race event.
STEP 3 - Enroll in a Driver Academy
Driver Academies are done in Spec Racer and a 30hp TAG Kart.  Spec Racers will do 55 mph and are a very cost effective way to get into great competition, while TAG karts are some of the fastest karts on the track. You receive one on one instruction with Andy, or bring a buddy to double the fun. When you finish this program, you'll be tired and VERY excited. Be careful though, this level of performance is addictive!
STEP 4 - Purchase a kart
After driving the inexpensive side of the sport and turning some laps in one of the fastest classes, you'll have first hand knowledge of where you would like to spend your time. Now you are better able to make a choice that suits your needs and lifestyle. JET Karting can customize your package with new or used equipment to be sure that your time in karting is as fun and rewarding as it has been for us!


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