Racing Flags & their meanings

Race start or re-start.
Half of the race is completed.
High Green
Two laps to go.
One lap to go.
Race is completed.
Yellow is caution. At CHMS, yellow flag speed is at the discretion of the driver. We feel that safety officials’ first priority needs to be warning the coming racers, and attending to the accident. We leave yellow flag speed up to the racer. However, if you enter a yellow flag area and are part of another accident, you will be done racing for the day. Please be safe and use your head.
Standing Yellow
There is an accident/obstruction off the edge of the track.
Waving Yellow
There is an accident/obstruction on the track.
Exit the track. This could be a safety issue with the kart like a bumper falling off, disqualification for a driver error like rough driving.
Rolled Black
Warning of a Black flag. This flag is rolled and pointed at the driver.
Race is stopped. Proceed back to starting oval with GREAT caution and stop. It is likely that an accident needs the officials attention.
Blue with yellow stripe
You are close to being lapped, and should let the leaders by so they can race without your interference.

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