Adrenaline Addict Car Show

On June 12, 2010, we will be hosting a car show in the paddock, with a rental kart tournament open to the public on the track.  If you're looking for a cool Saturday, you've found it!


Open to all cool cars.  Hot Rods, Asian, European, Muscle Cars, Domestic, Motorcycles, you name it.  If its something you want to show off, bring it out!  As an extra incentive, we are giving every show car a half price run in the rental karts before the tournament starts.  How cool is that?

Car Show hosted by JET Karting on June 12, 2010

As a disclaimer, we aren't hardcore car show buffs.  We will have prizes for the best cars in a few catagories, but if there is a 'right' way to judge this, I likely don't know it.  We can promise that we will judge to the best of our abilities, with absolute fairness.  What I can also promise is a very cool day for owners and spectators alike, at an awesome race facility, with racing that everyone can participate in.  We hope you are as excited about it as we are!

Cars arrive:  11am - 1pm
Official Show Hours:  1pm - 5pm



Since we are a racetrack, we figured we might as well do some racing!  There will be 15 minute practice sessions run all morning, with a tournament run in the afternoon. Anyone over 4'8" tall is able to compete, and all must wear long pants and closed toe shoes.  For more info on the 48 mph karts and racing, check out our Rental Racing page.

Practice will be run from 11am -3pm, consisting of 15 minute sessions.  All sessions will be timed, with lap time sheets available after each run.  Pricing is discounted for the day so everyone can be on-track more!

     -11am - 3pm
     -$25 for each drivers first session, $20 for each session after

     -3pm until it's done!


Any problems or issues, please contact us.
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