JET Update

As you know, JET Karting is looking for a property to move our operation to.  In searching for a place to call home, our priorities are; a racetrack capable of hosting a strong regional or national event, property owners that we are able to have a positive relationship with, and ideally a location in the ‘Route 66’ region.

Kris and I are having discussions with three properties that meet all of these goals.

Once we finalize our location, our whole family is looking forward to welcoming and expanding our racer family at our new ‘home’.

Be assured that all the heart and soul of JET Karting is alive and well, and hasn’t been forgotten.  Your comments and thoughts mean a lot to us.  Thank You.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We enjoy hearing from you all.

Andy & Kris Finke


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Any problems or issues, please contact us.
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