Double Header Weekend!

With our month of regional and national races behind us, it’s time to get back to what we love most…our club racers!  And we’re going to do a lot of that this weekend!

Saturday and Sunday will have normal club schedule, with gates open at 7am, practice at 9am, and drivers meeting at 11am.  We’ll be running track B on Saturday, and track C on Sunday.  Following the races Saturday will be a staff race and a mechanics race in Rock Karts.  My guess is the fence will be full for those, and we’ll find out if Erik is really faster than me…

Since this is the tenth anniversary season for JET Karting, Kris and I will have birthday cake for the cookout on Saturday night!  We will provide the pulled pork for the meal, and ask that the racers bring a dish to pass and something to drink.  And there are a couple more cool events planned for everyone after the karts are put up for the evening.



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