Rock Kart Sprints & Endurance Races

These events were huge last year, and we expect them to be even better this year.  Online event registration and final details are coming soon!


Sprint Races allow you to race our karts for the day, in 7 on track sessions.  Every driver gets one practice, qualifying, 3 heat races, pre-final, and final race.  At the end of the day, awards are given out for all three drivers weight classes based on finish position.  Beginners are always welcome, it isn’t hard to drive the kart, but it is VERY tough to win!

April 13
July 13
September 28


Endurance races stage teams of drivers against each other in our karts for 3+ hour long races.  You decide when your team completes your pit stops to change drivers or fuel the kart.  At the end of the session, the team with the most laps wins!  Driver weights are averaged on a team, and bonus laps are awarded to heavier teams to equalize the field.  This works REALLY well to keep weight from being a factor, so be sure to pick up to 5 of your fastest and most consistent friends!

May 11
August 17
October 26

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