Endurance Race #1

This Saturday, May 11th is your chance to win our first Rock Kart endurance race of the season.  Teams of 1-10 drivers will compete in a 3 hour endurance race.  With 6 mandatory pit stops, larger teams will not be at a disadvantage.  There will be a 60 minute practice before the race, allowing teams to brush up on-track skills as well as pit stops.

In these events, light teams have a higher performance and will be able to complete more laps than heavy teams.  To make this more even, teams with an average weight below 190 will start with a penalty, and teams heavier than 190 will start with bonus laps.  All drivers will be weighed when you get here, and a team average will be found.   At the end of the 3 hour race, the most laps wins.

We are posting a $1000 JET Buck purse, with the winning team taking home $600 of onsite credit. Second place is awarded $300 and third receives $100 to split among the team.

Call 574.288.4922 to reserve one of the few remaining spots for this event.

Any problems or issues, please contact us.
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