Michiana Club Race #1

Race #1 is coming up this weekend, and we are busy getting ready.  I'm guessing you are too!  A couple updates on Fuel, Spec Racer weight, and Rookie engines that will make this weekend more clear:

Spec Racer:
We are lowering the weight of the class to 360 with a Birel R30cy and LO206.  The weight for the class was 380, to allow for a 200lb driver with the kart ready to race.  The new Birel R30cy chassis and Briggs LO206 engine is 20lbs lighter than the old package we used, allowing us to take some lead off!  Gator chassis still recieve a 10lb weight break, and sealed clone engines recieve a 10lb weight break.  If you run a Gator chassis with sealed clone engine, you need to weigh 340.

Yamaha Rookie:
The Rookie class is a blueprinted engine class, the same as in WKA and most of the region.  These engines are equal enough that driver determines the outcome of the race, so we don't need a sealed engine ruleset.  Please make sure your engine will pass WKA tech standards.

Spec Fuel:
Rotax, Spec Racer, & Kid Kart are using the 93 octane fuel we have on-site.  Pricing is subject to fluctuation with the market, but currently is $7.50 a gallon, and we pump it into your fuel can.  This is the same way fuel will be done at the Rotax Grands.

Spec Fuel for Yamaha, Komet, and Tag classes is 110.  We have that here as well.


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