Halloween Rock Kart Endurance Race - Oct 27

Do you watch the LeMan and Daytona endurance races obsessively like we do?


Saturday, October 27th is YOUR chance to win at the final Rock Kart endurance race of the season.  Teams of 1-10 drivers will compete in a 3 hour endurance race.  With 9 mandatory pit stops, larger teams will not be at a disadvantage.  There will be a 60 minute practice before the race, allowing teams to brush up on-track skills as well as pit stops.

In these events, light teams have a higher performance and will be able to complete more laps than heavy teams.  To make this more even, teams with an average weight below 190 will start with a penalty, and teams heavier than 190 will start with bonus laps.  All drivers will be weighed when you get here, and a team average will be found.   At the end of the 3 hour race, the most laps wins.

The winning team will receive $1000 of credit towards any Season Pass, Rock Kart racing, or Speed School to split among all drivers.

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