New Year, New Direction

We are sad to confirm that we will not be operating the track in North Liberty any longer. In the end, after getting an approval on the loan, we were simply unable to work out the final details to make the purchase of the property happen.

We accomplished some incredibly awesome things during the past 2 seasons in Indiana. Here are just a few:

• We introduced countless people to the sport of karting through our very busy ‘Arrive and Drive’ program.
• Our Driver Academies have proven to be fun and informative for many karters, encouraging them to commit to the sport.
• We created a brand new class with the LO206, that had never been seen at the track in Michiana, and we grew it into a very large and fun bunch of racers.
• JET Karting was host to the 2012 Rotax Grand Nationals as well as welcoming the Route 66 Regional series, the Great Lakes Series, Manufacturers Cup and the Gold Cup Nationals.

We welcomed everyone to the track, and we worked hard to make sure we heard and addressed our racers concerns. No big press releases, no big announcements. We simply did our best for people we care about.

Our family has very much enjoyed being in karting. We will continue to operate JET Karting as a new TonyKart shop, and we are still available to offer support or advice much as we have in the past. We have an inventory of new and used equipment, parts, tires etc. for sale. This year gives us a new opportunity to travel with a couple of the series that we believe are doing good things for the future of karting. We’d love to see all of you there!!!

There are a couple new ways to reach us. Our emails stay the same; or Our phone numbers are now, 815.545.8280 or 815.575.3779. As before, you can follow us on FB at the same place you’ve always found us.

Andy and Kris
Sawyer and Matt
Dylaneigh, Bradi, Becker
Zen and Bella

Any problems or issues, please contact us.
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