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FNL Fall Point Standings

Here are the current points for the Friday night rental leagues fall session.

Used Karts For Sale


Margay 4.2c  -  $2000

$3000 ready for Spec with new 206 package and new IR tires.

This 1 year old chassis that Andy ran at the Rock Island Gran Prix to an 8th place finish.  This would make a great kart for the Spec class with a 206 engine, or put a clone on it.

MCP brakes

Douglas Wheels

Tillett Seat

Awards banquet

The big party is November 13th at Skydive Chicago. Check out for directions.


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Halloween GP

It's coming fast... Time to break out the warm driving gloves and get ready for the Halloween Gran Prix.  This season we'll be splitting practice so you won't have to come early for the 100 lap practice, and it will be closer to race conditions.

Don't miss the Hotdog & Coke race!  Open to all classes, drivers race two laps, stop to eat a hotdog and drink a Coke, then race one more lap.  Admission is just a hotdog & coke from concessions.  Bragging rights are forever.

Race 11 photos

Tom put Race 11 pics up in the gallery.  Check 'em out!

Mechanics Race This Weekend

  We will be having a mechanics race this Saturday. Get Dad out on the track for Fathers Day! Register for the race at the registration booth when you arrive at the track.

League Racing Summer Schedule

In honor of the Holiday, we'll not be holding a League Racing tonight.  League's start again on the 11th of June.  The schedule for the rest of the year is up too.

You may notice that we are pushing back the start time to 7pm, as we've had some racers have to rush to get here by 6:30.  We all like racing, but shouldn't have to do it on the street...

If you're thinking of getting into karting, or are looking for a cool way to spend Friday evenings with friends, give it a shot.

Clone track configuration

The clone class ran the first race on the full pro track last week.  There was talk that clones would like to run the classic track, or a combination of the two tracks at times.  I asked clone racers to email me with their preferred track and preferred weight for the class.

In the past week, I've heard from just two.

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Thursday Night Rock Kart League

League Racing allows all the fun of our Club Racing without the logistics of owning a kart.  Using the Rental Karts, drivers compete in three track sessions each night, starting at 6:30pm.

Adrenaline Addict Car Show

On June 12, 2010, we will be hosting a car show in the paddock, with a rental kart tournament open to the public on the track.  If you're looking for a cool Saturday, you've found it!


Open to all cool cars.  Hot Rods, Asian, European, Muscle Cars, Domestic, Motorcycles, you name it.  If its something you want to show off, bring it out!  As an extra incentive, we are giving every show car a half price run in the rental karts before the tournament starts.  How cool is that?

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