Club Racing - General Rules


  • Tech for WKA classes will be per the 2013 WKA Tech Manual except as noted.  Rotax Classes will be teched per the RotaxMax rules unless noted.
  • All karts must have a transponder bracket. Brackets are available on-site from JET Karting.
  • Transponders are mandatory to be scored in all competition classes. Racers are encouraged to own a transponder; however, transponders will be available for rental at $15 per event. Lost transponders are the responsibility of the renter.
  • Track records will be established in the Qualifying only, available every club race event.
  • The same set of tires must be used for Qualifying, Pre-final and Final.
  • No tire treatment or doping.
  • All competitors have 90 seconds to leave the grid after the class has been released. This does not apply once all karts have exited the grid.
  • Any class with a minimum of five karts will be run.
  • Classes must have a combined total of 40 entries for the season to be eligible for year end awards.
  • Number panels must be black numbers on white or yellow panels.
  • Reserved kart numbers are available with Season Race Entry Pass.
  • Points are awarded for taking the green flag.
  • Crew members are not allowed in the track area.
  • Absolutely no driving in the pits.
  • Flagrant rule violations may be subject to loss of points and/or suspension.
  • Illegal parts may be confiscated or destroyed.
  • Pit entrance requires a Pit Pass.

Any problems or issues, please contact us.
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