Speed School

Speed Schools provide professional coaching for drivers of all experience levels, drivers 5 years old through adults. Older drivers get longer classes and use faster karts.

Intro class graduation qualifies drivers to rent the appropriate racing kart for half or full day sessions.

Advanced level classes are available for drivers with experience, using either our racing karts or customers.

Drivers need only come with long pants, closed toe shoes, and a desire to learn.  Everything else is provided!  All Speed Schools provide coaching, race kart rental, track usage, and safety gear.


Intro to Karting Speed Schools:

Kid Kart - $150

Ages 5-7

This 1.5 hour course focuses on safety & smiles without overwhelming young drivers.  Kids are introduced to all the safety gear, how to control the kart safely, the meaning of flags, and familiarized with the racetrack.  There are 3 on track sessions, beginning with lead/follow laps, and progressing to the racer lapping by themselves.

This is a great way to see if your child is interested in karting!

Rookie - $250

Ages 7-14

This 3 hour program uses a race kart with appropriate power and size for the driver.  Drivers are provided with safety gear and instructed on safety principles and track etiquette.  From there we extensively cover the racing line, braking techniques, weight transfer, and momentum preservation. On track sessions begin with lead/follow laps, and progress to the racer lapping with instruction between sessions.

Adult - $350

Ages 15+

A full half day program, running the Spec Racer for two sessions and the Rotax kart for the final 3 sessions.  Initial instruction covers the racing line, the braking turn-in throttle techniques, & how to 'work with' the chassis instead of fighting it.  As drivers progress through the class, specific improvements are suggested. Methods of self critique are strongly emphasized to allow learning and progress to be made even after class.

At the completion of class, drivers are eligible to rent Spec Racers and Rotax karts for lapping.

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